Jumat, 12 April 2013

Pesan David Archuleta dalam 'No Matter How Far'

ada yang udah punya CD Album David Archuleta 'No Matter How Far' ? hehehe aku sendiri juga belum punya ko, tapi udah ada niat pengen beli haha (alesaaaan), jujur aja nih, kasetnya david susaaaah banget didapetinnya. oke, kalau kalian udah punya coba baca deh message dari David di cover albumnya, walaupun cuma sekedar pesan biasa tapi tetep aja kalau itu dari bang Dapit, rasanya spesial banget *lebay

kurang lebih, beginilah bunyinya:
"As always, I would like to thank my Heavenly Father.   During these two years,  I dedicate my time to Him and to His Gospel.   I have always tried to do my best to dedicate whatever I do to Him - whether it be music or other things.   Nothing has changed much in that aspect from before and as a missionary, and neither will it change afterwards.   I am grateful for the plan He has for each and everyone of us.   I also want to thank my family for their support, and the sacrifices they have made.   They are the foundation of who I am, and I love each and everyone of them!
I want to thank the Chile Rancagua Mission for being helpful in allowing me to work as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but also helping me to complete with the mission I still have in the other part of my life with music.   Thank you President MacArthur for helping so much, and to all of my missionary companions who have helped too.
I want to thank Gina and Kari for all of the work they have been doing and the effort they have been putting while I have been gone.   I know it is not easy to take care of someone when they aren't even there, and for that I appreciate everything you have been doing.   Thank you so much for the care you show to the fans, and for taking care of things!
Thanks to Steves Rodriguez, Kim Tauber and Howard Siegel for all your help on the business side of things.   Thank you to Pablo Mathiason for pouring over all the fine details.   Huge thanks to Alan Grunblatt, Neil Levine, Veronica Villarreal, Gio Melchiorre, Chuck Oliner, Paul Grosso and the entire eOne team.   To all the writers and producers that I have had the chance to work with - Thank you!   Also, thanks to Roslyn Pineda and Jon Daza - the "overseas" help was tremendous!   And big shout out & my appreciation to the DA official website team for keeping things updated and looking great!
Lastly, I want to thank all of you fans.   I appreciate your respect for what my focus is for these 2 years, and appreciate all of the messages you have sent my way while being out here.   This is another gift to all of you of songs from past projects that weren't easily available to everyone, and also other songs that are new to you fans that we have pulled out of the vault.   Thank you for all you do and for waiting.   This is my thanks to you for everything in the past, present and future.   That No Matter How Far, what was in the heart before is still here, and will be here when I return.
Muchisimas gracias!   Hasta pronto!   David"

David... david... cepet balik deh ke dunia musik, kangen tau !
oh iya, katanya bakalan ada video baru David Archuleta loh. masih belum jelas kabarnya, cuma denger dari twitter salah satu team archie. entah itu Music Video atau mungkin VideoBlogs? I really hope that :) tinggal tunggu tanggal mainnya aja lah....

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